5 smart technology trends for the next 5 years: ‘A Digital Guardian Will Protect You Online’

This guardian will watch, learn and respond based on your context and behavior on different devices. It will have the ability to assimilate massive amounts of data, some of it uncertain, and make inferences about what’s normal or reasonable activity and what’s not. Then it will intervene on your behalf—with your explicit permission—to prevent fraudulent use, while maintaining the privacy of your personal information. Message received, do not mess with Steve.

Client: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy NY
Production Company: Blacklist
Studio: Man vs Magnet
Director: Matt Smithson
Executive Producers: Adina Sales / Andrew Linsk
Producer: Nathan Jew
Design: Matt Smithson, Arthur Metcalf
Animation: Matt Smithson
Lead Character Design/Animation: Arthur Metcalf
Character Animation: Peter Ahern, Jessica Milazzo, Nivedita Sekar
Storyboards: Jay Longo
Audio: Sonic Union