5 smart technology trends for the next 5 years: ‘Doctors Will Routinely Use Your DNA To Keep You Well’

Today, DNA testing to help make treatment decisions is still rare. But technology will make this form of treatment mainstream. It will be done faster, cheaper and much more frequently. In addition to DNA testing for cancers, we may even see DNA-specific personalized treatment options for conditions such as stroke and heart disease. Working with a great team of animators and designers, we helped IBM visualize the future of medicine made possible through advances in technology with fun animation and some pretty sexy strands of DNA.

Client: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy NY
Production Company: Blacklist
Studio: Man vs Magnet
Director: Matt Smithson
Executive Producers: Adina Sales / Andrew Linsk
Producer: Nathan Jew
Design: Matt Smithson
Animation: Joe Vaccarino, Christopher Dye
Lead Character Design and Animation: Arthur Metcalf
Character Animation: Peter Ahern, Jessica Milazzo, Nivedita Sekar
Storyboards: Jay Longo
Audio: Sonic Union