Created for a San Francisco Bay Area Teach for America event, this animation is colorful cacophony of geometry! As sometimes happens with videos that promote an important cause, this ended up being a rather long piece. We have edited it down here for your viewing pleasure, and to highlight some of our favorite moments of animation and design. Please note that in the editing process words and phrases have been shortened or cut and any resulting hilarity is purely accidental ­ unless you are Lorne Michaels, in which case it was totally intentional, meant to be utterly hilarious, and we are so thrilled to be a part of the next generation of SNL stars. Thank you!


Produced by: Man vs Magnet
Director: Matt Smithson
Design and Animation: O​liver Sin,​ S​ara Bennett,​ Matt Smithson

Character Animation: ​A​rthur Metcalf
Producer: Nathan Jew

Music composition for original animation:​ Josh Smoak, E​astward Music
Music used for montage: Little People, A​ldgate Patterns ​(Marley Carroll Remix)